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Real World Experience 

365 hires only individuals with Real World Experience.  The individuals with a proven track record in Either Safety or Pipeline Experience are the individuals who are are associates at 365's Safety and OQ Division.  Our Evaluators for OQ started out in the field and have actually been on the ground with hands on experience on  tasks from placing line markers to fusing poly pipe.  Why call others who have never worked the field but somehow have managed to achieve Evaluator status to evaluate you seasoned employees?  They don't understand how the real world works.
Poly fusion Evaluation
Our Safety Department  employs Safety Professionals who have held the title as Safety Coordinators on up to Regional Safety Managers for not only Contractors but also for Operators.  Who would you prefer on your team?  If its real world solutions your looking for 365 is here for you.  If you need seasoned Safety Professionals on-site were here to assist.  JSA's, Excavation Permits, Incident Investigations, morning tailgate meetings, safety audits and inspections.  
In our Energy Services Department we hire Verifiable Experienced Roustabout Pushers and Pipeline Foreman to lead the projects we are entrusted to complete by you the customer.  We treat our employee's right and in turn they treat our customers the way they should be treated with respect.